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Gorod - Wolfsmond

Driving, pulling our precious chariots
Which carry the moon and the sun
Running, pursuing day and night... tirelessly
This is the lot of my brother and I

It's unbelievable to see
How trivial the Gods can be, sometimes...
But their spite grew so strong
That we were both sentenced to death

I saw him watching
No other choice but flight

Running and running away
This is our duty to prevent the twilight of the Gods

Some foretell that the offspring of the Famous One
Will finally catch you, someday...
If one of us slows down
Then thus would begin the End Times

I saw him yelling
No other choice but flight

I saw him... with his eyes piercing the darkness...
Hati is getting closer... he who hates...
Don't ever let him come to you! Run!

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