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Great Grandpa - Digger

Digger, you're no superstar
Purpose on the arm
But family in the heart

Digger, fighting with the cards
Patterns in the noise
And questions that are hard

A rock in retrograde
Says endure pain today
All things must evolve or fade

The tarot cards made me laugh
A guardian on the path
Hard to dream like i need to
Subtlety as a way through

Digger, digging til he starves
Slipped away from silent
Rest and carved the arm

Digger, fighting with the art
Hand off fate to chaos
Something to outsmart

That’s why I hate you (digger that’s enough)
You're in my dreaming space
Erase these quivering weights
And replace with aphantasia's grace

All thoughts filter down
To voices in the crowd
Shaming for unspoken days
Violence in the things they whisper
Then the sound gets louder

Digger, always in the game
Never was a game
And answers always hang

Digger, find another way
Arrows 'round the body
Sleep and dream in grey

That’s why I love you

Shouldn't go out in the darkness
Should have gone out in the dark

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