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Grimes - Oblivion

I never walk about after dark
It's my point of view
If someone could break your neck
Coming up behind you always coming and you'd never have a clue

And now I'm left behind, all the time
I will wait forever, always looking straight
Thinking, counting, all the the other way

See you on a dark night... X3

And now another clue, I would have
If you could help me out
It's hard to understand
Cause when you're really by yourself, it's hard to find someone who

And now it's gonna be, tough on me
But I will wait forever
I need someone else to look into my eyes and tell me girl you know you
Gotta watch your health

To look into my eyes and tell me
La la la la la, la la la la
To look into my eyes and tell me
La la la la la, la la la la
La la la la la, la la la la

I see you on a dark night, uhh, aaa... X3

“The song is about being violently assaulted and it made me crazy for a few years. I got really paranoid walking around at night and started feeling really unsafe. The song is more about empowering myself physically amongst a masculine power, and the hate of feeling powerless, making light of masculine physical power, making it jovial and non-threatening. I took a typically violent cultural situation and made it pop and happy.” - April 2012 interview (c) Video explanation “I was interested in the Japanese archetype of a female protagonist who is very small and very cute and very physically powerful. You don’t see that archetype in America. But in Japanese culture, there are female characters who can embody this girl uniform and still cut someone’s head off with a sword. “Oblivion” embodies that kind of archetype, going into this masculine world that is associated with sexual assault, but presented as something really welcoming and nice. The song’s sort of about being — I was assaulted and I had a really hard time engaging in any types of relationship with men, because I was just so terrified of men for a while.” - December 2012 interview ( (c) 'Oblivion' is a track from the studio album 'Visions' by Canadian recording artist Grimes, released on January 31, 2012. Being her first since signing with 4AD, the album was recorded entirely on Apple's GarageBand in Grimes' apartment over a three-week period. It was named by Pitchfork as the second best track of the decade.

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