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Gym Class Heroes - Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine)

[Chorus: Adam Levine & Travie McCoy]
My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no—
Make me your radio (Yeah, ha ha)
And turn me up when you feel low (Turn it up a little bit)
This melody was meant for you (Right there)
Just sing along to my stereo (Gym Class Heroes, baby!)

[Verse 1: Travie McCoy]
If I was just another dusty record on the shelf
Would you blow me off and play me like everybody else?
If I ask you to scratch my back, could you manage that?
Like yikky-yeah check it, Travie, I can handle that
Furthermore, I apologize for any skipping tracks
It's just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks
I used to, used to, used to, used to, now I'm over that
'Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts

[Pre-Chorus 1: Travie McCoy]
If I could only find a note to make you understand
I’d sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hand
Just keep it stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my heart's a stereo that only plays for you

GCH drymmer Matt McGinley explained the video to MTV News: "The video basically plays on the idea that we're sort of just being casual, hanging out, being ourselves and our shadows get wild and get loose. It's kind of fun. I've always felt like my shadow has been trying to kill me for 28 years." (Source Stereo Hearts Songfacts)

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