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Have a Nice Life - Guggenheim Wax Museum

What I found in Harrow's Field, (Oh oh oh)
Were furrows, dark, that would not yield, (Oh oh oh)
The Vigilant Digger will dig my grave
Of an earth made of things I cannot say
And build a cenotaph that stands
Where we once kneeled

Saying, "Oh"
Saying, "Oh"
"I wish I was alive, I wish I was alive"
Saying, "Oh"
Saying, "Oh"
"I wish I was alive, I wish I was alive"
But no one really is

Originally from "The Enemies List Christmas Album, Santa Is Real" (where it also served as the opening track), "Guggenheim Wax Museum" serves as a plunge into the effects-ridden sophomoric album of Have A Nice Life. Lyrics taken from Dan’s and repetition added for posterity. Tim Macuga: "I had a simple A-B-B-A structure in mind for some tremolo guitar parts, which I then put down over the basic drums – beginning, middle, to end. Dan wrote the vocal melodies and kind of grafted synths onto the guitars that closely matched them, but started to create overtone layers on their own. I suppose we just had a direct sense of how long it should take to build things up and how soon they should peter out." Source: The Seventh Hex

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