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Heart - Straight On

Quite some time... I been sittin' it out
Didn't take no chances... I was a prisoner of doubt
I knocked down the wailin' wall.... It ain't no sin
I... Got... The feel of fortune... Deal me in....
I'm comin' straight on for you
You made my mind
Now I'm stronger... Now I'm comin' through...
Straight on... Straight on for you...
Straight on for you
Now, I know... I got to play my hand
What the winner don't know... The gambler understands..
My heart keeps playin' it through with you, my friend
I'll take my chances on you... Again and again...... Again..
Repeat Chorus

"Straight On" is a song recorded by the rock band Heart. It was released as the first single from the band's 1978 album Dog & Butterfly. In the U.S., "Straight On" became Heart's third single to crack the top twenty, peaking at number fifteen on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson and Sue Ennis. The Wilson sisters and Ennis have a friendship going back to childhood. In the 1990s the three of them formed an informal acoustic group, The Lovemongers, together with Frank Cox.

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