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Heaven's Cry - Divisions

Colour circles through the haze
Shifts from time to time
Spying on one another
Seeking for their kind
To rise, arise
And the man who doesn't belong awaits
Billions of faces
Limitless mirrors of the One
Differences embodied our ancestors
Through wars and wars
And the man of mixed colours awakes
And rises
Living, sharing
Breathing, dreaming
A union of shades
Is born from millions of men
Who care not for a colour grey
But to live as a single frame
No illusions
Let the sphere lead you on
Let the Universe feed you on
And you'll be one
And it's our nature's pace
Seeking peace
In the end we all are
Series of sums and negatives
The atom, the stars the galaxies
Just live and die in a single breath...You might also like

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