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Heaven 17 - Penthouse And Pavement (Edit)

Sweat my youth away
With the rules we have to play
Speeding through your magazine
Pistol, pavement, no TV
(Talk and talk)
No time (no time)
Burnt inside, burnt inside, burnt inside

Here comes the daylight, here comes my job
Uptown in the penthouse or downtown with the mob
Here comes the night time, here comes my role
Goodbye to the pavement, hello to my soul
Now here comes my job
Credit, bleeding with the mob
Dreams become ideals
No one knows the way I feel
(Love to love)
Daytime (night time)
All my life
All my life
All my life

(Chorus x2)

Feel safe in the crowd
An no one admits they're crying aloud
My career fits like a glove
Knowing no orders can come from above
(Work and work)
Full time (part time)
Anytime at all
Anytime at all
Anytime at all

As you face the wall
God make it this time or never at all
Before your chance has gone
Captain this lead role and you'll be the one
(Shine and shine)
This time (my time)
Make me free at last
Make me free at last
Make me free at last
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