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How to Dress Well - Say My Name or Say Whatever

"I love to fly. It's just, you're alone with peace and quiet, nothing around you but clear, blue sky. No one to hassle you. No one to tell you where to go or what to do. The only bad part about flying is having to come back down to the fucking world."

"I wasn't mistreated," he whispered as he came
And now you're just sailing on, you're sending on your pain
I was undressed in all your shame
You're sailing waters too deep for me to care

Have you ever wondered why you stress so hard you can't
Even seem to wonder what's on your mind?
Have you ever held yourself on a secret all in there?
Have you ever had yourself for all one time?
Have you ever asked you "why are you cheapening yourself?"
Have you ever let a look of goodness spread across your face?
Have you ever loved yourself out of a secret all in there?

Say my name or say whatever

I was in the streets when "what's his name?" came
Sailing on, you're resting on your name
How was I to rest under all your weight?
You say "my love was undressed from all your strength"

And we sail away
And we sail away
And we sail away
And we sail away
But I was left alone
I, just
One, left alone

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