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Injury Reserve - Footwork in a Forest Fire

[Verse 1: Stepa J. Groggs]
Manic in the skies
There's panic in the sky
Even when it's down below
There's nowhere to go
You better run and hide
Take yo' ass inside
If you don't go, breathe the air
You might just stay alive
We might just stay alive
Are you down to ride?
Yeah, we down to ride
I said, we down to riot
Sorry mama, I try my best
To no longer be polite
They tryna take my life
And they take my rights
Yeah, this the sign
Sign of the times
Timе of the sign
Look in the sky
Look down below
Watch whеre it go
You know what you know
You know what you know
[Verse 2: Ritchie with a T]
Stop, drop n roll
Ask pops how they'd roll
Yeah, they say-they say they ten toes
But you just wylin' with your toes out
We say you barefoot exposed
How hot them stones?
Keep yuh chin high
It gon be wylin' by your nose
Fe, fi, fo, they say they anybody's foes
Let's see your footwork
Let's see how your feet work
Let's see how you roll
This that good work
Let's see how you wood work
We gon chop 'em down slowly
Let's see how that knee jerk
Let's see how your team work
Or you just worried bout yours?
I'll tell you how I'll roll
I say like everything must go
Better grab your kin and your folk
Better grab your fish and the fish bowl
Better grab the first thing that you earned
What's it worth and how you know?
All that glitter ain't gold so how it make you feel in your bones?
Everything that you grow
Everything that brings heart to your home
This temple ain't so holy
This temperature so showing
Grab everything that you own
But not everything that you owe
You got two arms you can hold with
But two arms and no mo
They gon bear arms and you know it
Size of bear arms and boulders
They got bear masks and bows
Everything that you don't
They been plotting on this moment
We laughed at 'em and joked
There's one thing I know
Is that we in this thang alone
[Outro: Stepa J. Groggs & Ritchie with a T]
Yeah, nobody knows how it's gonna go
Nobody knows how it's gon go
Nobody knows, nobody knows
Nobody knows
Let's see how your feet work, let's see how you roll
Let's see how your feet work, let's see how you roll
Let's see how your feet work, let's see how you roll
Let's see how your feet work, let's see how you roll
Let's see

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