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J Hope - Base Line

J-Hope - "Base Line" 가사English Translation

The base line of my music
The base line of my movement
The base line in my life
The base line of my success
Base line
From now it's base time
The difference in base you feel
When you see my base line

You're in my world
The essence is always awakened
Why do you put in hatred
I don't need your hate code
They say, base on
A grade without basis
I spit it out to them
Hope world, base line

Street dance
10 years
Rap that's shaped through the rhythm of my body
Now a name tag
Top class
But my life plan still boils my blood
I'm earnest
My music's dream still remains, so
I work hard
Every day
Gratitude for my work is my base
I'll eat them all up with my spoon
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
I have no worries
Base line, the source of my result
Hope world will now flip over all worlds

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