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J. Cole - Caged Bird

[Intro: J. Cole]
Yeah, caged bird
Some'n' like a caged bird
Caged bird
Yeah, look

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
You ain't a man till you stop chasing your friends, my nigga
Think for yourself, make your own plans, my nigga
I'll be lying if I said I ain't understand, my nigga
'Cause who you gon' follow when the leaders all get swallowed
By reefer clouds and bottles
In and out of county jail
This is hell, see the young black males in packed cells
With they heads down
And they fists clenched tight
Thinking, "I could bust a hole through this wall
And, bitch, I just might."
It's just like the caged bird; I sing a song
Hoping they open up these bars and send a nigga home
I cry when I'm alone
I'm wondering why would God send me here
Knowing that they hate us
Knowing that they make us feel like we evil so we kill our people
Without a second thought, in every lesson taught by OGs
We full of real nigga wisdom, so we proceed
Like real niggas who been stripped of our humanity
I see the judge's eyes, I know that he ain't understanding me

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