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J. Cole - Neighbors

I guess the neighbors think I'm sellin' dope, sellin' dope
Okay, the neighbors think I'm sellin' dope, sellin' dope
Sellin' dope, sellin' dope, sellin' dope

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I don't want no picture with the president
I just wanna talk to the man
Speak for the boys in the bando
And my nigga never walkin' again
'pologize if I'm harpin' again
I know these things happen often
But I'm back on the scene
I was lost in a dream
As I write this, the team down in Austin
I been buildin' me a house
Back home in the South, ma
Won't believe what it's costin'
And it's fit for a king, right?
Or a nigga that could sing
And explain all the pain that it cost him
My sixteen should've came with a coffin
Fuck the fame and the fortune
Well, maybe not the fortune
But one thing is for sure though
The fame is exhaustin'
That's why I moved away, I needed privacy
Surrounded by the trees and Ivy League
Students that's recruited highly
Thinkin' "You do you and I do me"
Crib has got a big 'ol back 'ol yard
My niggas stand outside and pass cigars
Filled with marijuana, laughin' hard
Thankful that they friend's a platinum star
In the driveway there's no rapper cars
Just some shit to get from back and forth
Just some shit to get from back and forth
Welcome to the Sheltuh, this is pure
We'll help you if you've felt too insecure
To be the star you always knew you were
Wait, I think police is at the door

“Neighbors” draws inspiration from an incident on March 18th, 2016 involving the house Cole rented (nicknamed “Sheltuh”) in North Carolina to use as a studio. The house was raided by SWAT team members after complaints from neighbors who assumed the house was being used to produce and sell drugs. No narcotics were found. The story was originally told by Dreamville’s Elite, a producer credited multiple times on 4 Your Eyez Only, when he spoke with Complex to confirm that most of "4 Your Eyez Only" is not from Cole’s perspective, but “Neighbors” on the other hand is. This beat is actually the instrumental of his 2013 track “Forbidden Fruit” played in reverse. He revealed it during a concert in Anaheim, CA. In a conversation with The NY Times, during the promotion for his HBO special titled J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only, Cole talked about the inspiration behind the song: "That lack of representation [of black people in the medias can lead to potentially catastrophic misunderstandings." Cole went on to note that he did a lot of writing afterward: "I wrote six songs that weekend."

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