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JPEGMAFIA - Puff Daddy

You think you know me?
Can you hear me? Hi
I got nothing, I'm a straight bitch
Whoa Kenny
Huh, huh, incredible

Uh, big whips, big guns (Whoa)
No cash, no funds (Ho)
Hurry up, it’s done (It's done)
You are all my sons (My sons)
We don't claim you bums
This shit for the scum

[Verse 1]
I’m a pop act (Huh)
I don't smoke sesh (Nah)
I don't pack heat (Huh)
I don't even make no beats (Wow, damn)
I don't even got no gun, ho, I'm like 28 (Wow)
Kimber in my bag, too much on my plate
Look I'm tactless (Ah), cash in a mattress (Uh)
Three shots a hat trick (Damn Peggy)
Blood on the canvas (Shit, shit)
Heard your nigga a college boy
Caught him on campus
Hit that nigga Eastern Time
He died in Central Standard
Hm, wow

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