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Jay Electronica - Fruits Of The Spirit

Uh, I snap on the track like the fingers of Thanos
Como también nosotros perdonamos
A los que nos ofenden
It's all love, all Wimbledon with the pen, then
All I have in this world is my flag and my sword
I'm on a battlefield with the flag of my Lord
My shahāda is my cantada
My heart chakra light up when I make sajdah at fajr
Padre nuestro, que estás en El Cielo
Our heavenly father
Like Vince Staples said, we just wadin' in the water
My people out in Flint still bathin' in the slaughter
ICE out here rippin' families apart at the border
Satan struck Palestine with yet another mortar
Lies from the reporters
Ass shots and stripper poles for the eyes of my daughter, hm
Swing low sweet chariot, my train is on schedule
But I had to take the Underground Railroad like Harriet
Weave the whole industry, every jab I've parried it
My cross I carried it
My crown of thorns to cavalry from Nazareth
The orbit was too wide to calculate the azimuth
The journey was technically unexplainable, hazardous
Rise, young gods, all paths lead to Lazarus
The dry bones that lifted up from the valley dust
The prayers of the slaves are the wings that carry us
A field full of dreams is where they tried to bury us (Bury us)You might also like

“Fruits of the Spirit” is the only completely solo song on the album excluding the intro. The song consists of one verse, lasting 1:35s produced by No I.D.

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