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Jay-Z - Renegade

[Verse 1: JAY-Z]
Motherfuckers say that I'm foolish, I only talk about jewels (Bling bling)
Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?
See, I'm influenced by the ghetto you ruined
The same dude you gave nothin', I made somethin' doin'
What I do, through and through and
I give you the news with a twist, it's just his ghetto point of view
The renegade, you been afraid I penetrate pop culture
Bring 'em a lot closer to the block where they pop toasters
And they live with they moms, got dropped roadsters
From botched robberies, niggas crouched over
Mami's knocked up ‘cause she wasn't watched over
Knocked down by some clown when child support knocked
"No, he's not around." Now, how that sound to ya? Jot it down
I bring you through the ghetto without ridin' round
Hidin' down, duckin' strays from frustrated youths stuck in they ways
Just read a magazine that fucked up my day
How you rate music that thugs with nothin' relate to it?
I help them see they way through it—not you
Can't step in my pants, can't walk in my shoes
Bet everything you worth, you'll lose your tie and your shirt

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Since I'm in a position to talk to these kids and they listen
I ain't no politician, but I'll kick it with 'em a minute
‘Cause, see, they call me a menace and if the shoe fits, I'll wear it
But if it don't, then y'all will swallow the truth, grin and bear it
Now who's the king of these rude, ludicrous, lucrative lyrics?
Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics
Usin' his music to steer it, sharin' his views and his merits?
But there's a huge interference, they're sayin' you shouldn't hear it
Maybe it's hatred I spew, maybe it's food for the spirit
Maybe it's beautiful music I made for you to just cherish
But I'm debated, disputed, hated and viewed in America
As a motherfuckin' drug addict, like you didn't experiment?
Nah, nah!—That's when you start to stare at who's in the mirror
And see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrassed
And I got nothin' to do but make you look stupid as parents
You fuckin' do-gooders, too bad you couldn't do good at marriage (Ha-ha!)
And do you have any clue what I had to do to get here?
I don't think you do, so stay tuned and keep your ears glued to the stereo
‘Cause here we go, he's Jigga-Jur-Jigga-Jih-Jigga
And I'm the sinister Mr. Kiss-My-Ass is just a—

"Renegade" is a song by rapper Jay-Z, which appears as the 12th track on his sixth album "The Blueprint". The song is written by Jay-Z, Eminem, and Luis Resto and produced by and features Eminem, who is the only guest appearance on the album with rap verses. It was originally a collaboration between Eminem and Royce da 5'9" as part of the Bad Meets Evil series, but Royce was later replaced by Jay-Z. The original can be found on mixtapes and has been leaked onto the internet. The Jay-Z version of the song, released in 2001 as featured on "The Blueprint", was later included as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Eminem's 2005 greatest hits album, "Curtain Call: The Hits".