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Jess Glynne - One Touch

What you, what you gon' do?

[Verse 1]
Promise me you'll catch me when I'm weightless
Hold me close before the crazy calm
Until you're done with running, I'll be patient
'Cause I know, I know you'll be there

And I never had a plan for this
Everything is what it is
You never hold me back in anything
You didn't even have to try
I made up my mind
And I know, I know you'll be there

With just one touch, you take me there
Without your love, we go nowhere
With just one touch
You're always there to remind me
You take me there
When waters rough, you will still be there
Without your love
You're always there right beside me
We go nowhere
With just one touch, with just one touch

"One Touch" is a song by English singer and songwriter Jess Glynne and English DJ Jax Jones,[2] released on 24 May 2019 through Atlantic Records.[3]

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