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Joji - Ew

When it's lovely
I believe in anything
What does love mean
When the end is rolling in? (Ooh)
Let it go, let it stay, can we love one another?
Cold, is it safe to be warm in the summer?
Who knows? (Who knows?)
I said who knows?

Ooh, teach me to love just to let me go
I can't believe that I'm not enough
Not enough
And so long, no one will be here to save you
And no one will be here to let you know
Let you know
This is your world (This is your world)
This is your world (This is your world)

Quietly still
In a lie
Oh, goodnight
I don't mind

“Ew,” the opening track to Nectar, sings of past relationships and how Joji wants to find someone in love who can stay with him forever, instead of constantly leaving and causing heartbreak. Fans have speculated¹ that it has something to do with “Yêu” (literally pronounced as ew) – meaning “Love” or “To love” in Vietnamese. Whether it is the case or not, it is interesting to note that this word both expresses potential disgust towards love and hints at the album’s name, implying that the Nectar has a bitter taste.

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