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Justin Townes Earle - One More Night in Brooklyn

Tired of laying in bed, listening to the water run
Ceiling's falling in
Baby's dress is covered in dust
So I don't care what it costs
Baby dust that old thing off
It's one more night in Brooklyn
Baby we're getting lost

I ain't taking you home, I found a little place that'll do
It'll never match the beauty of a Tennessee spring
But it's something new
So let 'em say what they'll say
I'll find a way that we'll make it pay
It's one more night in Brooklyn, Baby that's all I can take

I'm tired of waiting on you, waiting on a train
Tired of your late night calls with the same old complaints

So you pack up your bags, start looking west, but tonight
Ordering in, making damn sure we don't leave nothing behind
So Baby put your hands on me
Let's get real high and just go to sleep
It's one more night in Brooklyn, Baby it's just you and me
One more night

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