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Ka - Collage

[Verse 1: Ka]
I'm preparing my mind and my body
Job interviews in the street, I applied with a shotty
Jooks hurt worse when you find your man's plotted the robbery
Only ones who knew the stash was inside the laundry
Honor is gone among thieves
Leave you gutted and bloody, torn for dumb greed
Pitted against fam and flim for plum v's
Seeds study our muddy, we spawning young gees
Future ain't bright
None in school, wanna move elusive great white
He brung his tool, wanna duel, get wound with snake bite
He g'd a chick to run his mule, have a safe flight
It all pays from broad days to late night
Niggas get wet for wantin' rep
Spilled, Lord ain't built for it, we ain't talking sets
Drama with llama promises or more or less threats
Survive higher age acquire grays through the craze
You could call us vets
From the past we the last of a dyin'
Plenty fell, live in hell, blasting the iron
Ways of fail, blaze a trail, path of a lion
Skatin' jail, raise a scale, lab like it's science
Today I hail, major sale, aves where they buy it
If I'm nabbed it's a riot
About that paper, lets get it
No concern, dough to earn, chase my next digit
Grow and learn, so in turn, base and get splitted
Hold the fort all we thought, apes and tecs kitted
Fuck jakes, they just bigots
Ain't taking no shorts cause shit is real
Want war, an encore, we applaud with bigger steel
Up late, cut plate, we forced to get a meal
Our year come, fear none, walk dogs where niggas kill
Got caught and didn't squeal
Thorough niggas is all we'll ever be
You was bred web, too soft to sell a ki
We was made brave, get paid for felony
Before the day I lay in the grave I'll never see
I'mma crave a better fee
I did without but no more
Got a heat, went down the street and sold raw
Didn't peak, so got a beat and wrote pure
We ain't blow, so I stayed low a whole tour
Tried to peddle, tired of this level, it's so poor
The ghetto is the devil's home door
Where we settle, need a metal four-four
Whoever want war get it willingly
Peeling with agility
Catch the villain milling where gorillas be
Get on my grizzle, let it sizzle, niggas grilling me
Got the ability
Leave char-marks through hard hearts
And get niggas touched that ain't feeling me
Collage, collage
Pieced together it's the artYou might also like

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