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Kele - First Impressions

[Verse 1: Kele]
First impressions, you're taking over me
Although I fight it, it's only you I see
You're in my dreams, there is no remedy
I can't resist it, I can't
Cause when I'm with you, there's nowhere else to be
I've got somebody, so this is killing me
But I can't deny the feelings that you bring to me
I can't deny, I can't

[Chorus: Kele & Yasmin]
There's a good thing going on
I can't fight it, it's just too strong
I've been waiting oh so long
For something special

You bring out the best in me
You bring out the best in me
You bring out

[Verse 2: Yasmin]
First impressions last in my memory
I've been drowning in thoughts of you and me
Stuck in my head, just like a melody
I can't forget, I can't
One of a kind, you're like a masterpiece
I can't describe the way you're making me
Come alive, oh you bring out the best in me
I'm on your side, I'm on

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