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Kendrick Lamar - Compton

Now everybody serenade the new faith of Kendrick Lamar
This is king Kendrick Lamar
King Kendrick and I meant it, my point intended is raw
Fix your lenses forensics would've told you Kendrick had killed it
Pretend it's a massacre and the masses upon us
And I mastered being the master and dodging your honor
And the chapter that read at 25 I would live dormant like 5 in the morning
Then ring your spot while Kendrick's performing
And if they take everything, know I got

Compton, compton, ain't no city quite like mine

(Ay, dre what's happenin' wit' it my nigga!)

Still I'm mad, peel the plastic off it, you can feel the magic
Still I'm laughing at the critics talking, I can see 'em gagging
When I'm back in the back of my city, back in the back
With a batch of them bangin' dre beats with me, look where I'm at
It's the murder cap' and I'm captain at birth of this gangster rap
It's a wrap when I'm done and I come a long way from a hundred dollars a month
To a hundred mil' in a day, bitch I'm from


So come and visit the tire screeching, ambulance, policeman
Won't you spend a weekend on rosecrans nigga
Khaki creasing, crime increasing on rosecrans nigga
Kendrick conan nigga
Where you sword at, hand on the cross and swore that
I do it big as rasputia [?] kama sutra scream fuck your position
And make you hold that
I'm trying to stay grounded like four flats
But I know flats and piru crip tats

(Will swarm on me like a beehive
Hop in the g ride
From the west to the east side
Know that's just how compton roll)

Dre (and Kendrick)
And that's a given
I pass the blunt then pass the torch of course that's my decision
I crash the porsce then you report that you see me in benzes
I must report that we import the narcotics you bought it
(Then talked about it when crack hit the speakers, the music business
I blow up every time we throw up a record
Depending on what you expecting, I'm sure it's bigger than your religion
Perfected by niggas that manifested music to live in)


So tell that gangster throw his set high
Roll it up in a blunt, I'mma take you on the next high
I did exactly what I wanted that's what made them checks fly
In my direction, you never questioned when I said I
Would be a mogul before I visit 2pac and left-eye
Eazy and aaliyah when I see you we gon' test drive
A lambo in heaven but for now I'm on the redeye
Flying back to my city cuz I'll forever standby


Now we can all celebrate
We can all harvest the rap artists of nwa
America target our rap market, it's controversy and hate
Harsh realities we in made our music translate
To the coke dealers, the hood rich, and the broke niggas that play
With them gorillas that know killers that know where you stay
Roll that kush, crack that case, ten bottles of rozay
This was brought to you by dre
Now every motherfucker in here say:
"look who's responsible for taking compton international
I make 'em holla"

As a closing track for the album, Kendrick teams up with the executive producer and West coast legend Dr. Dre. Other than “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, this is the only track from present-day Kendrick’s perspective. In an interview with Google Play, Kendrick spoke on the song: "I wrote the lyrics the day I met Dre. I easily got inspired, I just started writing. And that was actually the first studio session I had with Dre. That’s the last song on the album for a specific reason. That’s the first song I did with Dre, that was the start of my new life." The song acts as an epilogue to the story, in which Kendrick is looking retrospectively upon the events of the narrative/his own life experiences and conveying how he’s turned himself away from a potential life of crime, alcoholism, violence etc. instead becoming someone he’s more proud of and someone who can try to tell the younger generations living in similar situations that they can turn their lives around too. The album then comes full circle by including the lines that precede the albums first track. Lamar told Complex in October 2012: "One of the reasons why it’s the perfect song is that the history behind that song is incredible. It was the first song I ever recorded with Dre. It was the first time meeting him and actually walking in the studio, that was the beat that was playing. He was testing me out, to see if I could—that’s really me rapping, better than here. That was the first song. It was a great experience. I’ll never forget that exact moment." Producer and co-writer Just Blaze added: "We always knew that the record was gonna be about Compton. Even before we made the decision to definitely make it a Dre and Kendrick record. Originally that was for Detox. We were trying to figure out who we were gonna put on it and there were a couple of revisions." According to Songfacts, Kendrick told BBC radio: "It came to a point where I had to really snap out of fan mode and become a professional because after we were introduced, he said he liked my music and I said that I’m a fan of his work,“ he recalled. "Then he said, ‘Okay, now write to this, write a full song to this’. Right after I said ‘Man, Dr. Dre, you’re the greatest’ and he was like, ‘Yeah man, you’re good too, you could be something… alright now write to this beat’. And that beat ended up being the first song I did with him and ended up on my album called "Compton"."

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