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Kendrick Lamar - LOVE.

[Intro: Kendrick Lamar]
Damn, love or lust
Damn, all of us

[Chorus: Zacari & Kendrick Lamar]
Give me a run for my money
There is nobody, no one to outrun me
(Another world premiere)
So give me a run for my money
Sippin' bubbly, feelin’ lovely, livin' lovely
Just love me
I wanna be with you, ayy, I wanna be with
Just love me, just love me, just love
I wanna be with you, ayy, I wanna be with
Love me
I wanna be with you
Love me, just love me

[Refrain: Kendrick Lamar & Zacari]
If I didn't ride blade on curb, would you still love me?
If I made up my mind at work, would you still love me?
Keep it a hundred, I’d rather you trust me than to love me
Keep it a whole one hund', don't got you, I got nothin' (Uh, uh)

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Ayy, I got somethin'
Hol' up, we gon' function, ayy, no assumptions, ayy
Feelin' like Tyson with it
Knock it out twice, I’m with it
Only for the night, I’m kiddin'
Only for life, yeah, only for life, yeah
Only for life, let’s get it
Hit that shoulder lean
I know what comin' over me
Backstroke oversea
I know what you need
Already on ten, all money come in
All feeling go out, this feeling don't drought
This party won't end

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