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Kendrick Lamar - untitled 08 09.06.2014.

Why so sad?
Walking around with them blue faces
She said I’m down on my luck
And it’s something I gotta have
Blue faces
I hit the bank today and told them color me bad
Blue faces
Get that new money, and it’s breaking me down honey

[Verse 1]
Two tears in the bucket I cry with you
But I could never lie with you
I could never afford not to afford
I could never put my plans to the side with you
I could never see a red light
Like a deer with a headlight
I freeze up when I re-up
See I barely have patience
And you're relating
Only the moment to complete us
Why you hate to work for it?
The reason I never went to work for it
See a nine to five was so jive turkey
But when Thanksgiving came that check didn’t hurt me
You plead the fifth
I read the Fifth Amendment
We both criminals with bad intentions
They say time heals all
But if I can shortcut
My success, Corvettes by tomorrow
Wait a minute!

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