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King Krule - Border Line

[Verse 1]
You know I tried so hard
My feelings just can’t discard
The way in which I fell into
Your heart was never what I once knew
Lately my skull has kept
Dividing lines deep set and paved
Two paths too wander through to depart
And sever desires to pursue

And the soul chokes
To cause the tide
To enforce divide
This whole ocean has morphed in time
I’ll escort her mind to solve my crimes
Reach slow motion to con the mind

[Verse 2]
See here I trace my steps
To where my senses left
And rain had turn my sense to mush
This slowly seeping straight through the crust
Now let these stains of gunk slip down
To where my head once sunk and drowned
Just await for a while to see
My body has merged to the deep cruel sea

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