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Klashnekoff - Daggo Mentality

(Verse 1)

Yo, Im live-o, fuck a five-o , flex like Fernando
Im walking down dark roads with dagarts and jankrows
Negro's with no code like double O, this code here
Blow like Satchmo, off-load like McEnroe
Hold the zip code
My brains overload like boats flooded with info
Maniacs running on road shotting like Rambo
Running out of ammo, these times are parrowmadics
Addicts get jooked with a steal rusty ratchet
Theres man cocking gadgets to pierce your puffer jacket
Disconnect the mainframe, my mind state is metric
Fake don't segregate
Burst the barricades and escape out the cages
Hatred is contagious when contained in small spaces
Suffocate my pain, keep it contained within the pages
Its less dangerous, channel my chi into changes
It takes ages
That's 8 stages.. of 36 chambers
Protect your neck, your next of kin and next door neighbours
Come next year, I'm killing fassyos for wages
Bare faced we faced with fear, on a daily basis
Sloshers on my case while eradication raid my bill gates
Ricochet k-lashnekoff, rip through your rag and bone
Penetrate your steal plate, contemplate
We ain't got nothing to conversate
Snakes can't fuck while convicts plan the great escape, this world's full of hate
But I moderate my intake like karma, the saga
Continues to circulate like circle, thirty three
Arms house and don't accommodate
Spit cyanide, one double 0, concentrate

Cause thats, Daggo mentality, killing fassys for salary, salivating insanity, insanity insanity..
Daggo mentality, killing fassys for salary, salivating insanity...

(Verse 2)

Since '95 merciless, you might have heard of us
My flex causes turbulence, I live amongst the murderers
Its murderous, believe man try to murder us
Manoeuvring like burglars with infra-red binoculars
The east maze metropolis, filled to the brim with metro police officers
Man popping man for popularity, insanity, can it be?
Things were all so simple back in 93,now its pure tragedy
These daggo days dragging me, deeper into agony
Animating anarchy, my attitude is aggy
Man attackin' like Apache, coppers tryna catch me
Counteract like abayashi
You move like a cockroach and your whole flex is fassy you pussyhole
My flows sharp, cut your throat
Spit killer quotes then I'm ghost on the outro
My eyes glow, glistening like nitro, lock, stock and two smoking rifles
Klashnekoff, tear your fucking ear off like Van Gogh
Burst shots through your tank top, stand firm
Like Mexican stand-off, Stanley on the standby, the standard procedure
The basic amiga
Maintain my balance like Libra
Swift like calibra, injection, big up to my henchmen
Too many names to mention
I bench press stress treading streets full of tension
What's your intention? to spread love or vengeance?
Life's like a sentence, im trapped in the context, of man made laws
Keep a 'chete by my doors cause i live by the sword
Man get chopped in their vocal chords
Man getting robbed for their mob awards
Man overboard, mans dying over broads, mans killing man for giros on the high road getting rushed more
Yo, you know the score, two twos and four fours under floor boards ready for them frauds
Yea yea, you know the score, two twos and four fours under floor boards ready for them frauds

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