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Klashnekoff - Jankrowville

[Intro: Klashnekoff]
"Just live your life..."

[Verse 1: Klashnekoff]
You know the status, players hate us, the coppers chase us
The capers dangerous, but like faith, forever changing
Like faces, this is alpha-beta basics
A burst verse, the first matrix, disperse wicked words of hatred
'Cause I've worked for the worst wages
Brethrens hold a bird and go berserk in the bird cages
Conniving neighbours, navigate skate like gators
Scavengers and jankrows feeding off the natives
Negroes stay negative, I guess that's relative
It all relates to the life that where we live
East maze metric where my mind stays sick
From this city to the sticks there's stack of lunatics
Lucy's with dicks, cats who use crucifix to seduce chicks
And you can find this where I live
In Jankrowville where the streets are paved with shit
And cats getting shivved on the night shift
I'm swift like Mickey Super
The black Russian spits slugs like German Luger, war torn Stormtrooper
Making tracks as we manoeuvre
Moving further to the future with a bucky for the Lucifer
Yeah, you know the Saga, panorama drama, piranhas
Parrow cats on contract from the Bahamas
Bad man that look harmless, but inside you find they're heartless
Split you like Gemini with the 9 Taurus, eyes cut like glasses
I spark the spliffs, as the fives pass I mask it
And that's how it is, you can find this where I live
The East Maze where the lifts are full of piss
And pitch black skies and clouds of red mist
I wrote this shit, fury flying through my fist
For my hombres that brew like Nigerian Guinness
The cold lyricist, I bring Siberian experience
Penetrate your premises, back slap a pacifist
Enter the Dragon, dragon to smoking cannabis
So keep your eyes peeled 'cause cats conceal 9mm near their pancreas
[Hook: Klashnekoff]
They call it Jankrowville, the land of the vultures
Filled with cobras and cold hearted soldiers
Cats with pokers, pussyholes and posers
I'm seeing dead friend's faces on posters
In Jankrowville where man kill for penny
The city's heavy, I seen many brethrens buried
That's why i keep a 'chete and stay ever ready
For all of you jankrows and bonafide fassies in..

[Verse 2: Klashnekoff]
Jankrowville where man kill for sheckles
Hackney central, the place is firing with jackals
Brothers who peddle pebbles getting rubbed in their rentals
Its heavy mental, many man mask their metal
My peeps penitential, trapped in patterns or circles
Might catch-22 up in your verbals, I strap herbals
Staying vigilant at venues
Gets Nagasak- when man attack like Manchus
But mans still confused, convicts shotting food
Plotting to make a move and get the fuck out the manor
Kidnap my son and make her run for the border
Its manslaughter, wicked like water torture
This one's dedicated to my peeps living marga
Who bun the Nahka to escape the palaver
Strap on your armour, other sharks on the corner
Capable of killing you in ways you can't imagine
It all happens - What? - It all happens!
Get caught napping catch a quick cap and stabbing
From a backstabbing that's why mi nah beg friend
Ah them nah like we and we nah like them!
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