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Klashnekoff - Question

(Intro) [Sample]

Yea, yo

So do you know what you're living in?
Do you work all day for them dividends?
Do you shot rock from the crib your're living in?
Envisioning yourself wearing the biggest bling
You write bars? do you know what you're spitting king?
To be Nas, do you know it took discipline?
I'm talking hard work, grind 'til its crippling
I know you heard me blood but was you listening?

(Verse 1)
So do you know what you're living for?
Tell me what your worth is
Is your self respect reflecting on the surface?
Do you serve God, or serve a purpose?
Maybe you serve work, or do you purchase?
Driven by addiction and urges
Due to non fiction we burn spliffs and burst verses
Or co-d's in, prison or hearses, but still we don't learn shit
Holding on to sanity with a firm grip, yea, (trust)
I know its all real out 'ere, and man are hungry
But most of the youts don't overstand the money
Tax v.a.t, know the run ins, as well as you know the roads
I'm telling you all the codes
If youre dwelling at home, thinking of selling them o's
Your plan better be bigger than bling, bitches and hoes

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