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Kovacs - My Love

[Verse 1]
Babe, don't try to call
My heart is ticking and the show, just won't wait
It's strange, you couldn't see it my way, hey, now go
I pray for you to fall
The spark has died and now you're just too late
A shame, you're knocking at the wrong gate, hey, go

Come what may, I won't give away

[Chorus 1]
My love, diamond rings and Chevrolets
My love, aces high and cigarettes
My love, faking all like Hollywood
My love, love, love

[Verse 2]
No way you'll see me crawl
Like a shark, I'll be ripping you apart and celebrate
With lots of champagne, you caught me on the wrong day, now you know

Come what may, I won't give away

[Chorus 2]
My love, see me dancing in the rain
My love, no more whiskey and cocaine
My love, ending all forbidden fruit
My love, love, love

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