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LIL PUMP - Drug Addicts

Mmm, ayy, what's up?
(Me and Dee Money want millions)
Everybody in my gang is drug addicts
Chyeah, ooh, ooh (Brrt)
Chyeah, chyeah
(Baby) Ooh

Whole gang full of drug addicts (Ooh, chyeah)
Take a lot of shit, forgot what happened (Forgot what happened)
I ain't gon' lie, I got a habit (Ooh, I got a habit)
Swear to God, you can't be on my status, ho (I swear to God)
Start the day off with a pint (Yeah, brrt-brrt)
I'ma show you how to live life (Chyeah, ooh)
Take a lot of drugs, don't think twice (Wow)
I do this every day and all night (Ooh, ooh)

Whole gang full of drug addicts (Chyeah, brrt)
Whole gang full of drug addicts (Chyeah, ooh, ooh, chyeah)
Whole gang full of drug addicts (Brrt)
Whole gang full of drug addicts (Drug addicts)

I been smokin' since I was 11 (Ooh, 11)
I been poppin' pills since I was seven (Chyeah, I was seven)
Told my pastor I don't do confessions (Hell nah)
'Cause I pop a lot of molly for my breakfast (Ooh, molly)
I ain't never listen to nobody (Nope)
In the courthouse off of ecstasy (Goddamn)
And your baby mama layin' next to me (Huh?)
After she just sucked me, I just told her ass to leave (Bitch get out, ooh)
Everybody 'round me like them Oxy's (Yeah, brrt)
I was too leaned out to drive the 'Rari (Huh?)
Made her ass wait two hours in the lobby (Thot)
I can't go outside, 'cause I see paparazzi (Chyeah, brrt)
Take another pill, now I'm feelin' better (Ooh, X)
Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, yeah I'm a trend-setter (Gucci Gang)
Bustin' all on your bitch, wiped it off with my sweater (Ooh)
I'm a drug addict, I'm richer than my professor (Man, fuck school)