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Lady Gaga - Replay

Am I, am I, am I
Am I, am I, am I

[Verse 1]
Am I still alive? Where am I? I cry
Who was it that pulled the trigger, was it you or I?
I'm completely numb, why you acting dumb?
I won't blame myself 'cause we both know you were the one

I don't know what to do, you don't know what to say
The scars on my mind are on replay, r-replay
The monster inside you is torturing me
The scars on my mind are on replay, r-replay, eh-eh

Replay, r-replay, eh-eh
The scars on my mind are on replay, r-replay, eh-eh

[Verse 2]
Every single day, yeah, I dig a grave
Then I sit inside it, wondering if I'll behave
It's a game I play, and I hate to say
You're the worst thing and the best thing that's happened to me

"Replay" portrays the devastating effects of emotional abuse and the experiences of being trapped in a harmful relationship. The lyrics suggest that the protagonist is struggling to break free from the cycle of abuse and move on from the damage caused by their partner. The instrumental contains a sample of the 1979 Diana Ross single It's My House.

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