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Lana Del Rey - Fuck It I Love You

[Verse 1]
I like to see everything in neon
Drink  lime green, stay up 'til dawn
Maybe  the way that I'm living is killing me
I like to light up the stage with a song
Do shit to keep me turned on
But  one day I woke up like
"Maybe  I'll do it differently"

So I moved to California‚ but it's just a state of mind
It  turns out everywhere you go‚ you take yourself‚ that's not a lie
Wish that you would hold me or just say that you were mine
It's killing me slowly

Dream a little dream of me
Make  me into something sweet
Turn the radio on, dancing to a pop song
Fuck it, I love you
Fuck it‚ I love you
Fuck it, I love you
I really do

[Verse 2]
I used to shoot up my veins in neon
And shit's even brighter; you're gone
So many things I would say to you
I want you

"Fuck It I Love You" (stylized in sentence case) is about the complexity of love and the different forms it can take on. In the first two verses, the singer talks about her lifestyle of partying and getting high. However, she realizes that this way of living is slowly killing her and decides that maybe she should change her ways. The chorus "fuck it, I love you" is a declaration of the singer's feelings towards someone she loves. It is a phrase that expresses the mixed emotions of love, frustration, and acceptance. The singer acknowledges the challenges of the relationship but still decides to love anyway. The bridge of the song talks about how the singer met someone on a boulevard in California, and how they blew her mind. She expresses regret for being too messed up to have a physical relationship with this person. Overall, the song is about the singer's struggle with self-destructive behavior and her desire to find love and a deeper connection with someone. The lyrics suggest that although love can be painful and frustrating, it is still worth pursuing. The singer is willing to take risks and confront her own demons, even if it means that she might get hurt in the process.

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