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Lana Del Rey - Happiness Is a Butterfly

[Verse 1]
Do you want me or do you not?
I heard one thing, now I'm hearing another
Dropped a pin to my parking spot
The bar was hot, it's 2 AM, it feels like summer

[Refrain 1]
Happiness is a butterfly
Try to catch it, like, every night
It escapes from my hands into moonlight
Every day is a lullaby
Hum it on the phone, like, every night
Sing it for my babies on the tour life, ah

If he's a serial killer, then what's the worst
That can happen to a girl who's already hurt?
I'm already hurt
If he's as bad as they say, then I guess I'm cursed
Looking into his eyes, I think he's already hurt
He's already hurt

I said, "Don't be a jerk, don't call me a taxi"
Sitting in your sweatshirt, crying in the backseat, ooh
I just wanna dance with you
Hollywood and Vine, Black Rabbit in the alley
I just wanna hold you tight down the avenue
I just wanna dance with you
I just wanna dance with you

“Happiness Is a Butterfly" (stylized in sentence case) appears to be about the fleeting nature of happiness and the desire to chase it. The song conveys a sense of confusion and uncertainty in relationships, as the singer questions whether the person she is with truly wants to be with her. The metaphor of a butterfly for happiness suggests that it is elusive and difficult to catch, particularly at night when it disappears into the moonlight. The pre-chorus contemplates the potential risks and consequences of pursuing a relationship, even with someone who may have a dark past. The chorus repeats the desire for connection and intimacy, with the verses describing the search for happiness in a night out in Los Angeles. The post-chorus emphasizes the singer's longing for a simple connection through dance, which seems to be the closest she can get to capturing the butterfly of happiness. The song appears to be a reflection of the challenges of finding meaningful connections in a confusing world and the struggle to maintain happiness in the face of uncertainty and disappointment.

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