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Lana Del Rey - Love Song

[Verse 1]
In the car, in the car, in the backseat, I'm your baby
We go fast, we go so fast, we don’t move
I believe in a place you take me
Make you real proud of your baby
In your car, I'm a star and I'm burnin’ through you
In your car, I'm a star and I'm burnin' through you

Oh, be my once in a lifetime
Lyin' on your chest in my party dress
I'm a fuckin' mess, but I
Oh, thanks for the high life
Baby, it's the best, passed the test and yes
Now I’m here with you, and I
Would like to think that you would stick around
You know that I’d just die to make you proud
The taste, the touch, the way we love
It all comes down to make the sound of our love song

[Verse 2]
Dream a dream, here's a scene
Touch me anywhere ’cause I'm your baby
Grab my waist, don't waste any part
I believe that you see me for who I am
So spill my clothes on the floor of your new car
Is it safe, is it safe to just be who we are?
Is it safe, is it safe to just be who we are?

"Love Song" (stylized in sentence case) is a song about a passionate and intense romantic relationship. The lyrics describe the relationship between two people who are deeply in love and enjoy spending time together. The first verse describes the thrill of being in the backseat of a car with the person they love, going fast and feeling alive. The singer believes that she can make her partner proud of her and feels like a star when she's with them. The chorus expresses the singer's desire for a once-in-a-lifetime love and how grateful she is to be in this relationship, despite feeling like a "fucking mess". She's thankful for the high life this person has brought her and acknowledges that they've passed some kind of test, but more importantly, she's just happy to be with them. The second verse is about how the singer feels safe with this person and trusts them to see her for who she really is. They explore each other’s bodies freely and she wonders if it's safe to continue doing so. This verse can be interpreted as the singer poking fun at the concept of safety and how the intensity of their relationship can be both exhilarating and scary. The final chorus emphasizes that despite any potential risks, the relationship is worth it because of how deeply the two are in love. The "taste, the touch, the way we love" all come together to make the sound of their love song. In the end, this is a song about how beautiful and intense it is to be completely in love with someone and the risks and rewards that come with it. It is the sixth track from Lana Del Rey's sixth studio album, Norman Fucking Rockwell!

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