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Lana Del Rey - Sad Girl

Every single night when I go down to the west coast
The people seem dead like I'm dancing with their ghost
Nothing in this world keeps me more on my feet
Than your sweet lovin' oooh your lovin'

What happened to days when you were mine
The way you looked, so God damned fine
Guess I'll be alone this summertime

'Cause I'm a sad girl dancing on my own
Long way, far away from home
Some day I will find you in the sunset
I'm a sad girl, searching for a dream
Just know that we're on each other's team
Some day I will find you, you bet
But now you've left me,
Singing this sweet song
Hold me, never held me for too long
Love me, your love was porous like a rock
Maybe you just forgot
That I loved you

"Sad Girl" is a song by Lana Del Rey written with Rick Nowels. It is featured as the sixth track from Del Rey's second major-label studio album, Ultraviolence. Del Rey talked about the song in a track by track commentary for Ultraviolence by saying "Sad girl, cause I'm still sometimes a sad girl, still things beyond my control. Sometimes I do things that I want, above what I maybe should do". She also stated that the song reminded her of "Shades of Cool" because of its bluesy tone and stays within the theme of the album.

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