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Leprous - Forced Entry

[Music by Einar Solberg and Øystein Landsverk, lyrics by Tor Oddmund Suhrke]

Open wide
Go to rest
Wait for my words
To explain your quest

No mistake
Not a trace
Seeing that you
Won t be failing the test

Rest in peace
No remorse
Let me connect
My soul to yours
Help me survive, see that I will not fade away
You have become what I needed to reach this day
I ve forced my way

Let me stay
Don t let go
Teach me the things
You will need me to know

Take your time
I will give you mine
Give me the essence
That I need to grow

Take my crime
See the sands of time

Bring me home
Shut the door
Send me a glimpse
Of the future once more

Settle down
Go to rest
Sit back, relax
Let me enter the core

I ve opened the door

Send your sign
Made of hate
Knowing how long
You ve made me wait

Tasteful tear
Full of fear
Nowhere to flee
Now it s all too late

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