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Lewis Capaldi - One

[Verse 1]
Long hours and a few dyin' flowers
But you never seem to stick around
How could you let somethin' so good
Go to waste and bleed the colours out?

You don't know what you got till it's gone
Know when it's right till it's wrong
In search of perfect when you had it with you all along
You broke her heart down with ease
Now I'm pickin' up every piece
You must be so hard to please

I wish I could say
"Thank you for all the mistakes
Thank you for all of the pain"
I guess somebody else's loss is another's gain
I'm sayin' thank you to the one who let her get away

[Verse 2]
She gave you love, but it wasn't enough
You had your mind set out on other things
Can't sleep at night, now you're payin' the price
You let another come and take your place

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