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Lewis Parker - Communications

[Verse 1, Lewis Parker]
I often ask myself, 'Why is time so rigid?'
We can isolate the motion, but can we really see what's in it?
Technology's invented in this world of communication
Magnificent machines built to change the perception
Of everyday living
They selling the images for lifestyles[?]
I'm wild because of nature
Wise because my soul [files?]
Back through the ages
Rhymes on the pages
And beats on the sampler
Simple things you must master
See you must learn
Never burn away those bridges
If you [spite a man for power?], can't expect to learn his riches
Not material sickness
Because we're dealing with emotion
I observe the impulsion
And keep my devotion elsewhere
Become one with the air
Instead of one with the computer
Where the digital monster inevitable controls our future
In a world run on credit
The truth's all about perspective
And journalists edit
Words after you said it
But those styles can get hectic
Because there bias is seen as fact
And it's run throughout the history of man across the map
[Chorus, scratched]
"Listen up to what I'm saying here"

[Verse 2, Jehst]
I wanna feel the sea breeze and see trees
Not G3s and PCs
We live our lives between screens
My [ST's?] still in effect
I can't breakaway
I stay away making beats, eating takeaway
And that's not natures way (Nah)
So my focus is broken
I need to be open
The sea brought the ocean mist
To the mix down
My 950 with the 16-bit sound
I'm spellbound
In this digital existence
Hot wax melt down for your systems
Infrared vision. Clarified as the ink flows
I'm watching the world
Through Microsoft windows
Square-eyes syndrome
Part-time technophobe
Semi-robotic head nodding to the metronome
I see you all next episode
In this world of xenophobes
Who communicate via telephones
But I'm eyes are both telescopes
Jehst! I post e-mail
In brown paper envelopes
I only ever hope to reach equilibrium
In nature's matrix
Online with the meridian
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"Listen up to what I'm saying here"

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