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Lewis Parker - sunny dedications

[Verse 1, Lewis Parker]
Times are going by too fast for the progression
I stick with the essence 'cause those lessons must be learnt
Wisdom must be earnt before you try to claim a title
Many ignore those truths
Then become fallen idols
In winter
Icicles hang from my hi-hats
Reminiscing back to Acton
With those old mind traps
My 900 world
Rejoicing in the air
Because i still care about those breaks
Your sound module sounds too fake
Trying to make beats with no crates
I respond best with my shit *au naturale*
My crew know my style
So we have the vinyl backup
Always try to keep it tight, but sometimes it won't match up
And all that shit will catch up
When its due [you'll come to pass?]
Never take joy for granted 'cause life is too fast
Happiness don't wait
And our fate won't be chosen
We golden in our ways 'cause our futures already stolen
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All I really know is life ain't about the money!
Yeah, life it is! (Yeah, life it is...)
"This jam is dedicated..."

[Verse 2, Profound]
Its like their only concern is to be greatest MC
To appear
On the planet
As far as being the greatest
I cannot care
If you have it its not clear
Whether the goal you set is
Because you fear
Inadequacy in a place that's unfair
So I swear, like I swore
From ever since I was born
That I would stick to God
Even if the condition was over worn
And out torn, and over-drained
Because there's always energy to be gained
And regained
If it has been lost
To be sane
And maintain
Remember to be insane is human
So if you think that its not within you
Stop the illusion
Of frantic confusion
If you look at the surrounding properly
You won't have to be baffled forever
And live sloppily
If you stop worrying about your monopoly
You'll be able to see life deeper in your philosophy
And the hidden authority that we claim have conspiracies
That is true, but its not the answer to all of the miseries
What is true is infinitely found
In every angle, in every tangle
In every crevice we choose to handle
That we inherit to stand through
Living within the land
From which your proper ending
Seems like
This is your time bomb
In which the truths to hide from
So I'm on a soul mix blended in with reality
Keep [combating those old things?]
Not forgetting your own tip
The divine always knows this
Everybody is able to over-stand if they chose this
[Chorus, Lewis Parker]
All I really know is life ain't about the money
Yeah, life it is! (Yeah, life it is...)
"This jam is dedicated"
"Sunny! Sunny! Sunny!"

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