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Liam Payne - Strip That Down

[Intro: Quavo]
Huncho, Quavo
Yo, yo

[Verse 1: Liam Payne]
You know I've been taking some time
And I've been keeping to myself (Self)
I had my eyes up on the prize
Ain't watching anybody else
But your love, it hit me hard, girl
Yeah, you're bad for my health
I love the cards that I've been dealt
Do you feel the same as well?

[Pre-Chorus: Liam Payne & Quavo]
You know I used to be in 1D (Now I'm out, free)
People want me for one thing (That's not me)
I'm not changing the way that I (Used to be)
I just wanna have fun and (Get rowdy)
One Coke and Bacardi (Sippin' lightly)
When I walk inside the party (Girls on me)
F1 type Ferrari (Six gear speed)
Girl, I love it when your body (Grinds on me, baby)
Oh yeah, oh

[Chorus: Liam Payne & Quavo]
You know I love it when the music's loud
But come on, strip that down for me, baby
Now there's a lot of people in the crowd
But only you can dance with me
So put your hands on my body
And swing that round for me, baby (Swing)
You know I love it when the music's loud
But come on, strip that down for me (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

"Strip That Down" is the debut solo single by English singer and songwriter Liam Payne, featuring guest vocals from American rapper Quavo. It was released on 19 May 2017, via Capitol Records in the UK and Republic Records in the US. Singer-songwriter Liam Payne has been in the studio since the beginning of 2017 working on his solo music. He posted pictures of him on his social media while being in the studio. At the beginning of May 2017, hip-hop rapper Quavo from the hip-hop group Migos first teased the collaboration. He announced the collaboration during in an interview with Tim Westwood saying, “I just came from a video today. My boy Liam from One Direction. We just shot that. Crazy vid. Crazy visuals. Crazy team. Cool guy, nice guy. It’s goin’ up. I wasn’t even supposed to say that. It’s gonna be a surprise though. Surprise!" On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Liam posted on his social media a snippet of “Strip That Down” with beats of the song playing. With the caption of the “Eyes” emoji. A day later, on Thursday, May 11, 2017, Liam revealed the title of the song and rapper Quavo from the hip-hop group Migos will be featured on the track. The snippet of the song was Quavo singing his part of the lyrics, “Get down girl, love when you hit the ground, girl”. "Strip That Down" is co-written by British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran who has worked with One Direction in the past as well. It was confirmed by Liam in an interview. According to Billboard, “Strip That Down” reached #1 on Twitter Trending 140 real-time chart 7 hours after it released. This song also reached #1 on iTunes Chart in 10 different countries prior to its released. The song reached a peak of number ten on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Payne’s highest peaking single to date on the Hot 100.

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