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Lights - Speeding

[Verse 1]
One by one, out the door
Wanted you, she wanted you more
It's okay, it's okay
I don't mind moving on
Don't wait up, I'm already gone
Can't stay still, can't stay still

[Pre-Chorus 1]
The world in the rear-view mirror doesn't matter
I won't be coming back here after

Speeding, 'cause it feels good to be moving now
Sleep is for the weary
I'm not slowing down
And when the record is done, I'll put another one on
Speeding, 'cause it feels good, 'cause it feels good

[Verse 2]
Window down to feel the night
Whatever I touch I can make mine
It's enough, it's enough
I say go, I'm the one
You won't see me stopping for anyone
Can't stay still, can't stay still

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