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Lil Baby - Live Off My Closet (feat. Future)

[Intro: Lil Baby]
(Who made this beat?)
(Twysted Genius, baby)
Know what I'm sayin', drippin', know what I'm sayin'

[Chorus: Lil Baby]
I can live off my closet before I go broke
I got too many cars, I ain't payin' no note (Note)
Too many chains, go to sleep, I might choke (Choke)
I be sippin' on syrup, I ain't drivin' no boat (Boat)
We in the store, she don't know which one gold
This bitch think that she slick, but I'm buyin' 'em both
We on Rodeo, lil' bro got his heater
I walk in Moncler and buy everyone coats

[Verse 1: Lil Baby]
I'm a hyena, since everyone G.O.A.T.'s
Team full of shooters, pull up and they score
I got the drop on the opp, it's a go
I get two hundred racks every night for a show
I know it's a blessing
Christian Dior and Jordan 11's ('Leven)
I just hope I can dunk into Heaven (Heaven)
I just fucked on an actress for breakfast, I hope she ain't messy
I just be fuckin' bitches, I don't be textin' 'em
It ain't no in the middle, shoot the messenger
He won't let nobody get the best of him
Oh, you don't know Scotty? Take a Tesla
Plus she won't let me get it in, so I left her there
I got too many women, Baby Hefner
I let the lil' bros keep the extra
I used the baking soda, we was stretchin' 'em
Making these deals, numbers come in decimals
Or I might get bored and buy a bitch a hair salon
I'ma pay for it, bruh, ain't never have to front
I make a million dollars every other month
As soon as I get done, I'ma give her some
Not like the rest of 'em, I'm a different one
I had to shoot back, I ain't get to run
Can't let a fuck nigga take my mama's son

In “Live Off My Closet”, Lil Baby and Future deliver some quick-paced flows over a mysterious xylophone arrangement with heavy bass from producer Twysted Genius. This dynamic duo rap about expensive clothing, drugs, cars, chains and women, while repeatedly boasting about the value of the merchandise they own in their closet, and expressing how it could sustain their lifestyle if they were to ever be in financial straits. The pair also likens themselves to Hugh Hefner and mention singer Rihanna during this high-powered banger.

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