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Lorde - Still Sane

Today is my birthday
And I'm riding high
Hair is dripping,
Hiding that I'm terrified
But this is Summer,
Playing dumber than in fall
Everything I say falls right back
Into everything I'm not
In the swing of things
But what I really mean is
Not in the swing of things yet

Riding around on the bikes,
We're still sane
I won't be her,
Tripping over onstage
Hey, it's all cool
I still like hotels
But I think that'll change
Still like hotels
And my newfound fame
Hey, promise I can stay good

Everything feels right
Chase paper, get it

I'm little
But I'm coming for the crown
I'm little
But I'm coming for you
I'm little but I'm coming for the title
Held by everyone who's up
All work and no play
Never made me lose it
All business all day
Keeps me up a level
All work and no play
Keeps me on the new shit

All work and no play,
Lemme count the bruises
All business all day
Keeps me up a level
All work and no play,
Lonely on that new shit

Only bad people live to see
Their likeness in stone
What does that make me

"Still Sane" is a song about staying sane and grounded in the midst of fame and fortune. In the song, Lorde is reflecting on her life today and how she is able to stay sane, despite the challenges that comes with success. She is aware of the scrutiny and pressure she encounters, which is why she chooses to keep it "all business, all day" and "work" than "play". The song captures her inner battle to maintain her sense of identity, and not let success overcome her. She ultimately seeks to remain humble, resilient and sane, in order to stay in the swing of things.

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