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Mac Miller - Blue World

It's a blue world without you
It's a blue world alone

Yeah, well, this a mad world, it made me crazy
Might just turn around, do one-eighty
I ain't politickin', I ain't kissin' no babies
The devil on my doorstep bein' so shady
Mmm, don't trip, we don't gotta let him in
Don't trip
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I let it go
But I never go with it, mhm, yeah

[Verse 1]
Okay, cool as fall weather, fuck your bullshit
I'm here to make it all better with a little music for you
I don't do enough for you
Without you, it's the color blue, ooh, don't trip
I was in the city, they was talkin' that shit
Had the homies with me, all a sudden, they split
We ain't even worried, we just laughin', that's rich
You know how it goes, it ain't broke, don't fix

Hey, one of these days
We'll all get by
Don't be afraid
Don't fall

“Blue World” has Mac rapping about the trials and tribulations of life, and reflecting on all that has. On it he makes a subtle reference to his former girlfriend Ariana Grande, and the late Biggie Smalls. It features a trippy sample flip of “It’s A Blue World” by The Four Freshman, with chopped and pitched vocals. The tracks production was handled by Guy Lawrence, more commonly known as one half of EDM duo Disclosure.

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