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Mac Miller - Self Care

[Part I: Self Care]

[Intro: Mac Miller]
Mhm, mhm
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Mac Miller]
I switched the time zone, but what do I know?
Spendin' nights hitchhikin', where will I go?
I could fly home, with my eyes closed
But it'd get kinda hard to see, that's no surprise though
And you could find me, I ain't hidin'
I don't move my feet when I be glidin'
I just slide in and then I roll

[Verse 1: Mac Miller & JID]
Well, climbin' over that wall (Yeah, wall, wall,) mm
I remember, yes, I remember, yes, I remember it all
Swear the height be too tall (Yeah), so like September I fall
(Down, down, down) Down below, now I know that the medicine be on call, yeah (Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme)
It's feelin' like you hot enough to melt, yeah (Melt, yeah)
Can't trust no one, can't even trust yourself, yeah (-Self, yeah)
And I love you, I don't love nobody else, yeah (Else, yeah)

“Self Care” is Mac spreading a message about overcoming hardships, self control, and being aware of how to handle yourself. When tweeting about their relationship, Ariana states that Mac’s “inability to keep his shit together” was a significant reason why the relationship broke down and “Self Care” could also be Mac’s way of trying to learn from that mistake. In the music video that was released along with the single, Mac is buried in a pine box to symbolize how the media tried to assassinate his character. In the casket, Mac lights a cigarette despite having no source of oxygen, displaying that he is confident that he will overcome his obstacles and make it out. With his knife, he carves “memento mori” into the lid which translates to “remember that you have to die” and he punches through it to save himself, a symbol showing that he refuses to die any time soon.

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