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Mac Miller - What's the use

[Intro: Mac Miller]

[Chorus: Mac Miller]
You can love it, you can leave it
They say you're nothin' without it
Don't let them keep you down
What if I don't need it?
There's somethin' about it
That just freaks me out
I just want another minute wit' it, fuck a little
What's the use?
Never superficial, you gon' know it when it hit you
Get a little sentimental when I'm off the juice

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Okay, we're colder than the breeze
But the breeze ain't flowin' like me, motherfucker, hol' up
You don't need to hol' up, yeah
And I can show you how I seem
What it is, what it truly might be, nothin' that you know of
You don't need to hol' up
I'm so a-bove and beyond
You take drugs to make it up way up where we on
Space shuttle, Elon
Time, we don't waste much, fuck when we wake up
Then I have her sing just like Céline Dion
Catch me if you can but, you'll never catch me, damn
Whole lotta, "Yes, I am"
All the way in wit' no exit plan
Already left and the jet don't land
Yeah, the time is tickin', come take a ride, get inside
This is highly different, I'm talkin' fly, got a pilot wit' 'im, uh
Can I mind my business?
Why you trippin'? Give you somethin' that your eyes can witness
Ooh, you're too close
I don't understand why you doin' the most

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