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Madvillain - The Illest Villains

[Produced by Madlib]

[Skit: Samples]
"As luck would have it, one of America's two most powerful villains of the next decade— has turned loose to strike terror into the hearts of men..."


"...To shock women into uncontrolled hysteria..."

*Woman shrieking*

"Don't touch that!"

"The villains themselves were ultimately responsible for much of the popularity, audiences loved to hate
The importance of the villain was not overlooked, of course one of the worst of all was Madvillain
They had no code of ethics..."

"What's the matter... I was only tryin' to have fun—"

"Get to work on these boys, anybody bring a gun for me?"
"Yeah, here's one"

"Not one, but two!"— typical villain releases included...

—"I know they wanna kiss me, but don't let anyone see me like that, please doctor help me!"—

The introductory song for "Madvillainy", this introduces the symbiotic supervillain consisting of MF DOOM and Madlib by DOOM’s familiar style of sampling cartoons for background information on a crazy ass beat.

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