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Malcolm McLaren - El San Juanera

Hello, hello, hello
Hey, hey, hey, hey [?]
That's right
And you're still listening to the World's Famous (Famous)
Supreme Team (Show)
See Divine the Mastermind (Just Allah the Superstar)
And we're coming to you loud (Loud) and clear
I'd like to bring everyone's attention, [?], audience that we have two females on the phone
We have two of 'em (Right now)
To all the young men that are listening
I have Godville
His girlfriend's on the phone, she goes by the name of Kim
I have a female on the phone by the name of Asia (Asia)
And Asia is from up there in... Poughkeepsie, New York
She's listening to the World's Famous Supreme Team all the way in Poughkeepsie, New York
So we're gonna go too... line 1120, and we're gonna speak to... Kim

What's up?
Yeah, what's happenin' [?]
Heh, yeah babe, what' you love the World's Famous Supreme Team show?
You know it
Do you love Just Allah The Superstar?
You know it
Oh yeah, you love everything about this show huh?
Yeah you it
Alright, well here's [?], he's gon' kick it with you for awhile
How long you been checking out the World's Famous?
I've been checkin' it out for about... let me see, about... five weeks by now
Five weeks? So you stay up and listening the 4'O clock show also?
And you like the 4'O clock show as well?
You know it
How do you manage to stay up 4'O cock in the mornin' jus' to-
Just that, you know, my boyfriend's be here all night with me, so I'm stay up and listening to it
And that's Godviller, is that correct Kim?
Yeah, that's Godville
Ah, well listen Kim, you tell Godville "peace"
And it's nice talkin' to you
And we're gonna go to 1121, and we're gon' talk to this female from up there in Poughkeepsie, New York, who goes by the name Asia
Asia, are you there?
Ah, I think that last phone call jus' a little bit too much for Asia this time
But listen
Asia, if you like this beat, let me hear you stamp your feet

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