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Malcolm McLaren - World's Famous

Alright, uh, man bring it on...
And you know I got to have that

Some people, some people
Some people, some people
Some people listen for history
Some people listen because they want a mystery
Some people listen, then say we're wack
But if they miss the show they get the heart attack
Now look into your system; to your right then left
The whole world sees you as a hypocrite
(I)t's about the first law of nature, self-preservation
If the show doesn't help you, change the station
If you don't want peace, in the world
Love, peace, and happiness in a endless twirl
If all you wanna do is keep the whole world back
You're the one who's wack
And we're World's... World's... World's Famous!

Check it, out I'd like to thank everybody
I'd like to thank all the engineers for making this record
I'd like to thank you for buying this record
But finally, I'd like to thank all the Buffalo Girls out there, ha!
So until the next time...
I say peace to you, and everybody out there
Coming from the World's Famous Supreme Team
With Mr. Malcolm McLaren

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