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Marina & the Diamonds - Living Dead

[Verse 1]
Everyday I feel the same
Stuck, and I can never change
Sucked into a black balloon
Spat into an empty room

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Was it really worth it?
Did I really deserve it?
It happens when you're hurting
And cut me at the surface of my heart
Of my heart-heart-heart

I'm living dead, dead, dead, dead
Only alive-live-live-live
When I pretend-tend-tend-tend
That I have died, died, died, died, died, died
I haven't lived life, I haven't lived love
Just bird's eye view from the sky above
I'm dead, dead, dead, dead
I'm living dead, dead, dead, dead

[Verse 2]
Got bubble wrap around my heart
Waiting for my life to start
But every day it never comes
Permanently at square one

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